Contacting Support

Follow the instructions below for requesting help from the Service Desk


Step 1

When an agent experiences a problem, they must first notify their Supervisor.
  • The reasons for this are:
    • Supervisors can confirm if the problem is happening to other agents
    • Supervisors can provide tips or troubleshooting information for most common issues
    • Supervisors have a procedure for quickly reporting system outages or impairments affecting 5 or more agents

Step 2

Try to troubleshoot the problem yourself:

  • Use the information provided on this website on the Support and Troubleshooting page
  • Logging out and rebooting your PC, modem, etc usually resolves alot of problems
  • Reset your browser settings (login using domain credentials)
  • Contact your ISP or Telco carrier to have them check your service
  • You do not need to contact the Service Desk if you experience a disconnected or slow Citrix connection, unless it is a persistent problem. Try logging out of all applications properly, exit the Desktop and logoff Citrix. Wait 2 minutes to let your Citrix session clear, then try logging on again.

Step 3

Have your Supervisor submit a IT trouble ticket:

If you’ve tried the steps 1 and 2 and are convinced that it’s an Asurion-related issue and not related to your personal equipment then request your Supervisor submit a trouble ticket using the following form:

    Go to ServiceNow Portal, then click the top left link "Can We Help You?" followed by the link "Something's Broken" (login with domain credentials)
Or call the Service Desk at:

The Service Desk may need to remote into your machine. After contacting Service Desk, go to the following website: 123 Rescue - LogMeIn

Supervisor's must supply the following information when submitting a trouble ticket:

  • Citrix Login ID
  • Supervisor's Name
  • Agent Location
  • Citrix Server
  • Avaya Login ID
  • Avaya Station Extension
  • Avaya Call Server
  • Application login IDs
  • Home/Alternate Contact Phone Number
  • Internet Service provider
  • Phone Carrier provider
  • Current Work Schedule

Provide a description of what is the problem? Be as specific as you can, list what applications are affected including any error messages, if any.

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